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Ask a Pumpkin!

By Michele K-Tel

YouTube Music

If you've been wondering what the (newly re-assembled) Smashing Pumpkins have been up to for the past seven years, Billy Corgan and co. would like YOU to pick up your video camera and ask them a question. See?

Upload your best questions to the Ask a Pumpkin group. The band will sift through your video queries and respond in a video that will be featured on the PumpkinsMediaMilitia channel and in our music category.

Also, for those of you attending their sold-out shows at San Francisco's Fillmore Auditorium from July 15 - August 1, bring along your video cameras! The Smashing Pumpkins encourage that kind of behavior (which makes us love them even more). Send the PumpkinsMediaMilitia YouTube channel your best shots and they will select their favorites for the world to see.

Spreading the Zeitgeist,

Michele K-tel