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Are you win? Or are you fail? YouTube trivia game show enters second season

By The YouTube Team

Win/Fail, a trivia-based game show from the people behind POPTUB and FAILBlog, is all about YouTube: its history and lore, heroes and controversial characters, smash hits and cult favorites. Snarky questions range from noob-friendly to topics that would challenge even the most grizzled YouTube vets. In its first iteration, Win/Fail racked up over 18 million views; for v2, they’ve added Dustin Diamond (aka Screech from Saved by the Bell) as the voice of the show, as well as the opportunity to play for a real prize. So, no Rickrolling this time. Honest.

As part of our ongoing series of
Creator’s Corner posts focused on the people who make cool videos on YouTube, here’s a Q&A with the team behind the show.

1) Where did the idea for Win/Fail come from?

Not too long ago, we produced over 450 episodes of POPTUB, a daily best-of-YouTube show. This resulted in a staggering, even embarrassing, amount of YouTube knowledge. We needed to know we weren’t alone in that. The response to the first game made us feel a little better.

2) How can one study to be an"Olympian of YouTube knowledge"?
Much like the SATs, it’s more about everything you’ve absorbed, over your entire YouTube lifetime, leading up to one moment of truth. You can’t really study.

If you insist on cramming, however, this is a pretty good place to start; YouTube’s new Charts page works, too.

To ace the game, you’ll need either a) encyclopedic knowledge of YouTube or b) keen observational skills to pick up on subtle hints dropped liberally throughout the videos.

3) How do you decide what to put in each episode?
First, we planned to make an entire 25-question series about Drinking Out of Cups, but then thought better of it. We try to choose videos most people will be familiar with and then throw in a few personal favorites.

4) One piece of advice you’d give to other video producers?
Find a great partner to work with to help promote your content. We are big fans of our friends at FAILBlog.

5) Little known fact about Win/Fail?
Win/Fail v1 was voiced by our good buddy PJ Morrison. You might recognize his voice from Law & Order.

For more info about Win/Fail, contact Maureen Traynor at Embassy Row.