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Are you a brainiac? Take the YouTube EDU Pop Quiz

By Will Houghteling

Product Marketing Manager

As Chris Anderson, founder of TED, said, “Tomorrow's best teachers will be global stars reaching literally millions of kids”. We believe that the next generation of great teachers will come from all walks of life - they might be popular vloggers, lifelong educators, popular scientists, or journalists - and we’re working hard to get them sharing their knowledge on YouTube EDU. To highlight the breadth and depth of awesome educational content we have on the site today, we worked with some of our newest YouTube EDU partners to put together an interactive game testing your smarts. 

At the end of the video you’ll be asked a question which you should answer using the annotations embedded in the video. This will automatically take you on to the answer, and to the next question. The quiz has five questions in total, each from a different YouTube EDU partner, and then at the end you’ll receive your score. Enough description though - go play (and learn)!