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Announcing the CNN/YouTube Debates

By Steve of Citizentube

YouTube News & Politics

What do YOU want to ask the presidential candidates? For the past few months, you've had the opportunity to connect with the candidates on our You Choose '08 platform. Today we're announcing two exciting events that will bring that dialogue to national television: two presidential primary debates on CNN in which you ask the candidates questions through YouTube.

First up is the Democratic debate, which will be on July 23. Start submitting your questions today at

So what makes a good question? Make sure to read the guidelines on the debate page; CNN will choose questions that are personal, short, and relevant. When possible, make sure to give context to your question – the power of video is that you can show us where you're coming from instead of just telling us.

Want some inspiration before you get started? Check out these sample questions, and then get out your camera and start rolling!

And stay tuned - you'll get to face the Republican candidates this fall during the second CNN/YouTube debate, on September 17 in Florida.


Steve of Citizentube