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Anger at the Pump

By The YouTube Team

Remember when movie tickets only cost a nickel? probably don't. But you do probably remember a time when you could fill up your tank for under thirty dollars. Sadly, those days are gone. Gas prices are skyrocketing and citizens are taking notice, using YouTube to vent their frustration in a variety of different ways.

Some are flexing their creative muscles, like user gdickson817 who's "honkin' mad" and singing the "Gas Pump Blues," or metal band AnfoMerc, who bills its song "Oil is Blood" as the "most important heavy metal song about big oil EVER." Others are finding the humor in an otherwise bad situation. If you need a laugh to ease your four bucks-a-gallon woes, dbloveskittens cracks jokes about seeing how many errands he can run with his fuel light on, and redstateupdate offers a hilarious look at the situation.

A few citizens, however, aren't content to express their anger solely through their computer -- they're taking to the streets, by horse, truck, and foot to protest the sharp hikes in gas prices.

Looking for a fix to your problems at the pump? Don't fret -- users are offering practical solutions, in addition to complaints and tears. There are tons of videos about how to run a car on alternative fuels (could water, veggies or solar power become the new oil?) and even a few about a fascinating trend called "hypermiling," a driving technique designed to get the most out of every tank of fuel and increase the fuel efficiency of existing vehicles in the United States:

If you're in search of a broader, governmental solution to the current energy problem, you may want to hear what McCain or Obama have to say, or explore Utah's new move towards a four-day work week for state employees:

And if you're still in need of more gas-tastic content, you can fill up here:

Taking up biking,

The YouTube Team