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Analytics Engagement Report Available for Download

By Ted Hamilton

Product Manager

As we mentioned last week, we’re updating Related and Recommended videos to help provide viewers with a more engaging and enjoyable experience on YouTube.

To help you make the most of this change, we’ve created a new downloadable Watch Time report (currently for YouTube Partners only) that displays new metrics like Estimated Total Watch Time for particular videos and at a channel level. This data is available in YouTube Analytics, found by clicking the option in the banner displayed at the top of the Analytics Views report. Here’s what it looks like:

One helpful use of this report is to look at the videos receiving the most total Watch Time and least total Watch Time, in conjunction with your Analytics Audience Retention report to find your most engaging videos. Looking at these videos individually and collectively can help surface best practices, helping you find the right mix of elements like video style, length, promotion and more. To note, these reports can be the most helpful once you have at least one week’s worth of data, since video views and channel traffic can vary daily.

You can learn more in the Help Center and here are some best practices to get you started.  We’ll be rolling out additional YouTube Analytics Watch Time metrics more broadly in the coming weeks.