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Advertising Age Viral Video Awards

By Kate Rose

YouTube Communications

Of the most watched YouTube videos in 2010, two of the top 10 were advertisements, showing that more and more advertisers are creating video campaigns that strike a chord with viewers, sending them viral. Advertising Age and Visible Measures take a look at what campaigns are going viral every week as part of their Top 10 Viral Video Ads Charts, but when you look back on 2010, who comes out on top?

Last week, the Ad Age Viral Video Awards selected 10 video ads from across a variety of verticals to receive awards such as the, "Make a Dull Industry Fun" campaign and "Best Brand Jacking of a Global Sporting Event". All of them put theYouTube platform to work in innovative ways and are fantastic examples of how brands can engage viewers. Check out a sampling below, and for the full list of awards, go here.

Best Video-Only Campaign - BlendTec: "Will It Blend?"

Best Viral Mockumentary - Hi-Tec: "Liquid Mountaineering"

Best Video Advertainment - Red Bull: "Way Back Home"