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Adopt a Feature: Round #3: Thecomputernerd01 Is King!

By Hunter Walk

Director of Product Management

We're back with the final update for this edition of Adopt a Feature. Last time we spoke, we promised a home page takeover of some of the best videos submitted so far. On April 2, we did just that, and it generated enough awareness to spur on a few more fantastic entries, including incorporatedfx's QuickCapture song, amcclinton's thorough and enthusiastic dive into Insight, and a country pulldown gem from cowtipper11.

In sum, the 32 clips about the six features (you can see them all here) notched 818,698 views, 4,579 comments and 6,603 ratings -- that's a lot of people you helped to enlighten, people who might not have otherwise known that there is a whole library of audio tracks for your videos or that you can see what's popular in, say, Japan.

We crown thecomputernerd01 the king of all this: his zany explanation of how the country/language pulldown menus work was responsible for more than a quarter of all Adopt a Feature views. For that, he gets a (non-)lousy T-shirt (as does everyone who was featured), immortality in this blog and hopefully lots more subscribers.

So with that, we'll wrap up this edition of the program. Let us know in the comments below what you thought, and we'll be back in two months with a set of new features for you to cast into the warm glow of your video camera.

Thanks for adopting,

Hunter Walk