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A new tool for artists and their teams

By Michael Cumberbatch

YouTube for Artists, Product Manager

Did you know that Kina Grannis has more YouTube views in Quezon City, Philippines than any other city in the world? Or that Alabama Shakes—the American rock band formed in Athens, Alabama—is viewed more in São Paulo than any city south of the Mason-Dixon line? Whether you’re Kina, Alabama Shakes, or a part of the broader music community, info like this can be used to create all kinds of opportunities for both artists and fans. 

As part of the recently-launched YouTube for Artists site, we’re rolling out a new data tool called Music Insights that gives the music community more insight into YouTube views to grow their success on and off of YouTube. Music Insights shows the cities around the world where an artist is most popular, top tracks by artist, and views from both artists’ official music videos and fan uploads claimed using Content ID to get a full picture of how fans are engaging with music on YouTube.

There are all sorts of ways this data can be put to work by and for artists. For starters, this data can help you get a song added to radio by showing a programmer how big your local fan base is. It can be a great resource when mapping a tour, since top cities could be a good indicator for where fans might come out to see a concert. And you can share insights from your data to build buzz for a new video or express appreciation to the fans who helped get you here. 

Starting today, Music Insights offers data for more than 10,000 of the most popular artists on YouTube and Google, and we’ll add more artists all the time. And since YouTube’s music artists and their fans span the globe, we’re also making YouTube for Artists available in 22 languages. 

Knowledge is power; the more information you have in your hands, the easier it is to bring your music to the people who love it the most.