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789 Gathering: In Video & Pictures

By Mia Quagliarello

Community Manager

Those of you with long memories may remember user gatherings stretching as far back as February '07, with the "As One" meetup in San Francisco. Last weekend, in New York City, the latest generation of vloggers, viewers and playlisters got together for 789, a get-together that took place over several days in the Big Apple. While regulars like Nalts and Zipster were on hand to capture scenes of people getting acquainted, the event seemed like it belonged to first-time gatherers like BeanerLaRue, who reels off an impressive list of in-the-flesh meetings:

Also hard to miss were rising stars like Mitchell Davis (a.k.a. LiveLavaLive, seen below in the Apple store with a posse of female vloggers) and the always energetic Supermac18:

Photographers StylistBrighton and Bucknik captured some impressive still shots which they've posted here and here.

A few users, including Urgo6667mattlaw25 and vclamp, joined YouTube's George Strompolos for burgers and a weekend tour of Google's New York office. The group talked about the partner program and, perhaps more importantly, played lots of Pong.

Congratulations to MyAnnoyancesPaulThaAsian and DJTLaC who were the driving forces behind the 789 gathering. Watch MyAnnoyances express his thanks to you for making it a success:

If you attended the event, tell us what you thought in the comments, and let us know about any upcoming gatherings you're organizing and we'll list them in the sidebar of this blog. We're also aggregating videos showcasing your great organizing efforts on the YouTube gathering channel; we've got a playlist from 789 there already, and we imagine there will only be more to come.