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360-degree videos now on Google Cardboard and iOS

By Sanjeev Verma

Product Manager

Recently YouTube launched support for 360-degree videos on Android and Chrome, giving you a new way to connect with your viewers. From letting people sit front row at SNL's 40th Anniversary show to taking them around the world and to music concerts, you’re sharing your awesome world in 360-degrees. 

Now we're taking the YouTube 360 experience even further by giving your amazing videos new places to thrive. All of YouTube's 360-degree content is available on Google Cardboard with Android, providing a truly immersive experience to your viewers. Additionally, your fans can watch these videos on iOS 8.0 and above. 

To give you more ways to start filming in 360, we've announced today the Jump capture rig, which consists of 16 camera modules in a circular arrangement. Jump lets you capture, assemble and share immersive, three-dimensional content so that even more people can experience a time or place like they’re actually there. While we are working to bring 3D viewing to 360 videos on YouTube soon, you can get a feel for Jump’s possibilities with this new 2D 360 music video from Avicii and Kurt Hugo Schneider, shot entirely on the Jump camera:

Inspired? 360 video camera rigs are available now at all 6 YouTube Space locations around the globe. We’ll be giving creators early access to test the Jump camera at our Spaces this summer.

These are the latest in a series of updates we’re making to provide you and your fans an astonishing—and accessible—virtual reality experience. While we’re working to add more platforms and bring 3D viewing to 360 videos on YouTube, please visit the new home for YouTube 360 videos.