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23 Days: Euro 2008 on YouTube

By The YouTube Team

On June 7th, the UEFA Euro 2008 Football Championships (that's soccer to us Americans) kicks off with Switzerland – who share hosting duties with Austria – taking on the Czech Republic in Basel. Over the following 23 days, the 16 finalist countries will play 31 games to see who gets to raise the trophy – and enjoy bragging rights across Europe until 2012.

One of the defining characteristics of the European Championships is its unpredictability. Since its launch in 1960, the 12 stagings of the event have produced nine different winners – a fact that seems to drive players to produce some of the best play of their careers and whip fans into a frenzy. 

Where YouTube sees excitement, it sees opportunity. Cue our 23 Days program, which is designed to share your skills, passion and soccer knowledge with the wider world. To this end channels have been set up in Germany,FranceSpainItalyThe Netherlands and Russia – not to mention a "">pan-European channel – designed to showcase your soccer skills (All About Football), your passion for the game (Fans In Action) and your analysis of the on-pitch
action (Football Reporter).

So, whether you're inspired to show your footy skills, want to root for your favorite European team or looking to talk through the drama as it unfolds, 23 Days is for you. Head for the channel, do your thing and who knows – maybe the world will get to experience an important slice of Euro 2008 through your eyes.

Have fun,

The YouTube Team