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Peek into the 2022 YouTube Streamy Awards hour by hour

Our recap of one of the most exciting award shows of the year!

This year marked the 12th Annual YouTube Streamy Awards, and like the past few years, YouTube is the Title Sponsor. After two years of a virtual YouTube Streamy Awards, we roared back as a live event, because let’s be honest, online has nothing on the thrill of something live. Anything can happen; there’s no pause button for the performers; and the energy is as exciting as it is authentic — just like the very best of the Creator community.

And wow, did it deliver. Let us take you with us for an hour-by-hour, play-by-play of the biggest night for the Creator community. And of course, you can always catch the full show right here on YouTube!


TheeBlackBadger in the ball pit tub!

3 PM: Pizza Hut pre-Streamys celebration🍕🎉

This penthouse suite pre-event lunch, hosted by our partners at Pizza Hut, was invite-only and had a ball pit bathtub photo op, a fully stocked merch closet, endless pizza, games and creators doing what they do best — jumping on the bed and filming it for their fans.

The Cheeky Boyos,

The Cheeky Boyos starting the party off with lots of energy!

Special appearances in the suite were made by Hut Crew members and nominees: Airrack, Ian Boggs, CelinaSpookyBoo, TheeBlackBadger, friends of the Hut Crew, KallmeKris, The Cheeky Boyos, Kenz Lawren and so many more. It was the perfect way to kick off a great night.

4 PM: Living it up with iconic red carpet looks 📸

The Streamy Awards has been called the “Oscars of the Web” by Vanity Fair and honestly, who are we to disagree? The red carpet opened at 3:30 PM, and during two hours we got to witness fashion at its prime.

Here are just some of our favorites, but if you’re a fashion nerd like we are, you can catch many more looks on the #streamys Shorts feed (the bag check of the red carpet was a big fan favorite!)

Bob the Drag Queen
patrick starr

Patrick Starr absolutely radiating.

Nicol Concilio

Nicol Concilio looking ready to party!

5 PM: Get your Game Face on 🎮💄

We partnered with beauty brand Benefit Cosmetics to make sure everyone had the chance to touch up before the big awards (it was raining in LA for our big day — can you imagine? Rude.) So while the red carpet was still going, attendees stopped into the Game + Glam lounge ahead of the show for makeup and a quick game, bringing together the beauty and gaming communities. Part of the activation was even live streamed on YouTube! Did you catch any of it?

6 PM: The collab we never knew we needed?! 🎤🎶

The evening’s musical guest Yung Gravy surprised everyone with bringing in a bunch of YouTube creators into his act. Who doesn’t love a good cameo? Who can you spot?

7 PM: Another type of reaction video 😲

Award shows are an emotional time. The Creator Community puts so much hard work, sweat and tears into their content — and we love to see them get awarded for it. Tell me this video of our Master of Chaos (MC) Airrack receiving the award in the “First Person” category doesn’t give you all the feels.

Rhett & Link (Good Mythical Morning) won Show of the Year
Charli D’Amelio took home the “Lifestyle” award

Charli D’Amelio took home the “Lifestyle” award.

A little backdrop moment for our creators to take selfie breaks.

A little backdrop moment for our creators to take selfie breaks.

8 PM: Backstage celebrations and winner photos 🏆

The Awards ended, but backstage the energy kept building up. Winner photos were taken in the exclusive backstage booth, creators were congregating in the hallways, hugging and celebrating.

MannyMUA, LaurDIY

MannyMUA, LaurDIY dancing the night away.

8 PM (again!): The calm before the storm 🌪️

There's no real award show without an afterparty. At this point, the crème de la crème of the Creator Community are heading over the afterparty which will be continuing until early hours. Who do you wish you could take a swing around the dance floor with?

Ian Boggs

Ian Boggs showing us moves.

9 PM (to late): Living it up on the dance floor 💃

Creators are giving their high heels and serotonin a run for their money on the dance floor (and getting their auras read), and we are turning off the reporting for the evening. What a night it was! (We heard rumors there was an after-afterparty in one of the biggest suites in the hotel, but we can neither confirm nor deny ... 😉)

We can’t wait to do this all again next year!

For the full experience, go watch the live streamed Awards show and catch up on the #streamys feed on YouTube Shorts (for the behind the scenes footage you won’t find anywhere else!)