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100 Invites to RealTime for Blog Readers

By Ryan Junee

Product Manager

Today is the beta launch of YouTube RealTime, a new way of discovering what your friends are doing on YouTube. Through this persistent toolbar, which appears in the lower right corner of the page, you'll be able to see which of your YouTube friends are currently online and what they're watching; a history of their recent activities on the site; and real-time notifications when they perform activities like commenting, favoriting, and uploading.

Wanna try it? The first 100 people to say "Yes! Sign me up" in the comments below will get an exclusive invite to test it out. Please keep in mind that you will need to have friends on YouTube for this to work -- the more you have, the richer the experience, so be sure you accept friend invites and actively manage the list. Participants can enter feedback on RealTime in the forums or in comments below.


Ryan Junee