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YouTube music artist Renee Rapp

Inside YouTube Shorts and Interscope Records exclusive listening party with Reneé Rapp

Reneé Rapp's upcoming debut album, "Snow Angel" drops today, and YouTube that the exclusive first listen.

YouTube and Interscope Records partnered to host the first-ever hybrid artist and creator listening session on August 10th. The event was held at Interscope Records' Studio in Los Angeles and featured an exclusive listen to “Pretty Girls” from Reneé Rapp's upcoming debut album, "Snow Angel," which dropped today (August 18th) to the public.

The space was packed with creators who attended in-person, alongside a screen that displayed creators who attended to connect with Reneé from across the globe. After a brief introduction, Renee shared the song "Pretty Girls" in its entirety from her upcoming album. The song is a playful, uptempo song which is a welcome change-of-pace from the previous ballads she has released. The creators were seen dancing along to the soon-to-be-released hit and vibing alongside Reneé.

After the song, Reneé was interviewed by YouTube's Strategic Partner Manager, Lindsey Fell, about the inspiration behind the song and the album. She also shared her excitement about embarking on her first headline tour in September. Many of the creators in the audience had already purchased tickets to see her in their local cities.

The event concluded with a meet and greet with Reneé for those who attended in-person. Creators had the opportunity to take pictures and chat with her about her music, her career, and her experiences as a young woman in the entertainment industry. While those who joined virtually were not able to meet her, they still felt immersed in the session and even participated by chatting back and forth with Reneé.

Scott Frenzel’s excitement shined through sharing, “There’s just a certain energy about listening to a song in a room full of people, it felt like watching a movie or going to a concert, a feeling you just can’t get through a video chat. I also loved the chance to mingle with other Shorts creators while I was there, and the icing on the cake was getting to chat with Renée herself!”

Creator Seymone Jackson’s virtual experience was just as impactful. “I just want to mention how much I enjoyed Renee's energy," she says. "She is so authentic, true to herself, and she kept the crowd engaged. This was so fun to experience virtually and hopefully in the future I can attend one in-person.”

Creators were buzzing after the session that they were so grateful to be able to meet Reneé. They were also inspired by her story and her music. Many creators who make music themselves said that they were inspired to keep creating after hearing Reneé's story.

Creator Meghan Montminy said, “It was so cool to be able to meet and speak with Reneé in-person! It truly enhanced the experience and made everything feel more personal and intimate.”

The event was a testament to the power of music to bring people together. We are excited to continue hosting hybrid artist and creator listening sessions in the future.

Make sure you catch Reneé Rapp’s debut album, “Snow Angel” out August 18th!

Make sure you catch Reneé Rapp’s debut album, “Snow Angel” out TODAY, August 18th and head to Shorts to express yourself through Reneé’s catchy hits that will have you creating content for days!