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YouTube Chief Product Officer Johanna Voolich

Release Notes: Building for a community of over 2B on YouTube with Johanna Voolich

Welcome to the first installment of Release Notes!

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As our CEO Neal Mohan shared in his annual letter, we’ve got 4 big areas of focus this year: we’re using AI to empower creativity, helping creators succeed and be recognized as next-generation studios, powering TV for an entirely new generation, and building the tools to keep our community safe. But what does that all mean for our viewers and creators and the products we use each day on YouTube? Who decides what gets built – and how?

In this series, I’m teaming up with YouTube Chief Product Officer, Johanna Voolich, to talk about new YouTube features, share stories around how products get built, and how our teams incorporate feedback to ultimately try to make YouTube the best video platform for creators and viewers.

Check out the first video to hear from Johanna and learn more about her first few months as Chief Product Officer, the creators she’s met along the way and their questions, how she thinks about setting priorities and even answers the question “What would her YouTube channel be about?”

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