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Inside YouTube

Please Be Decent and Kind

By Maryrose and Mia

The YouTube Team

We may be peaceniks from the Bay Area (Maryrose has never tasted a hamburger! Can you believe it? -- Mia), but we've seen some comments lately in response to featured videos that have really disturbed us. As human beings.

We've got thick skin, so we're not talking about the "wtf-why-is-this-featured" jabs at our (sniff, sniff) senses of humor and taste. We're talking about the hateful comments directed at users who've done nothing to hurt anyone. Comments about their sexual orientation or weight or looks or skin color; things that we all know don't count a bit toward what's really important.

We'll stop short of a full-on lecture, but we just want to ask you to please treat each other decently and kindly. It's really not too much to ask -- and will make you look a whole lot better.

Peace out,

Maryrose and Mia