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Inside YouTube

Music Nerd Says Hello

By Michele Ktel

YouTube Music/Youtunes

I started here at YouTube a few weeks ago, taking the leap into video from my previous life as a radio broadcaster (FM and Internet). I'm still wearing headphones, but here at YouTube I'll be developing a whole new, ahem, vision for how to share my passion for music. 

I'll be on a perpetual hunt for good sights and sounds while reaching out to the talented musicians on the site (signed and unsigned). I'll be working hard to make sure that YouTube is the music destination you expect it to be, and I'll be launching a few new channels to make it even easier for music fans to track down their favorite videos and discover new ones (with plans to include a few highly original sock-monkey serenades). Think of me as the one-stop-record-shop for YouTube’s music community.

After all, there is so much music on the site, from Scottish indie pop to electronic blip-hop, swing jazz to psychedelic folk, Brazilian funk to string quartets, alt country twang to hardcore screamo. I'm here to help you navigate through it all. Write a new song last night? Want to show off your mean drumming skills? Need to tell the world about a great band you just discovered? Alert me at or better yet fire up that camera, show me who you are, and let's yak muzak!


Michele Ktel

YouTube Music/YouTunes