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Dear Creators

Susan's note to creators on stepping back from her role as CEO of YouTube.

Dear Creators,

Earlier today I sent an email to employees announcing that I’d be stepping back from my role as the head of YouTube to start a new chapter focused on my family, health and personal projects I'm passionate about.

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It has been the honor of my career to have a front row seat to the incredible YouTube community you have built. Your stories of perseverance, creativity, and inspiration were a daily source of motivation and inspired me to be an advocate and steward for this community you all created. It was a constant highlight of my job to sit down with you, hear how you were using the platform, and listen to feedback. Sometimes what you said was tough and candid, but it was important for me and the wider YouTube team to listen and do better. Today, the YouTube community is incredibly strong. You’re building businesses and following your dreams.

You will continue to have someone committed to building and advocating for creators at the helm of YouTube. YouTube’s longtime Chief Product Officer, Neal Mohan, will take over the leadership role. He is an excellent leader and understands this community and what you need today, tomorrow, and in the future better than anyone. I plan to stay around for a period of time to help Neal with the transition, and will serve as an advisor to Google and Alphabet. I remain just as convinced today as when I started nine years ago, that YouTube’s best days are ahead of it. From Shorts, to podcasting, streaming to subscriptions, I am excited to see what comes next. And with Neal and our incredible team of employees, you will all be in good hands.

Finally, thank you for everything over the years. Thank you for welcoming me into your studios, your homes and your lives. Thank you for letting me be a part of the incredible stories you’re sharing with the world.

With admiration,


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