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The creative process - illustrated on YouTube

By Mark Sabec

Product Marketing Manager,

When most people talk about job perks and benefits, they mention insurance, retirement plans, or flexible hours. Here at YouTube, we’re lucky to count access to the world’s most entertaining videos amongst our job perks. From Double Rainbow to David After the Dentist, entertainment is in no short supply. What I’ve been surprised by, however, is how well advertisers are embracing this same idea. They’re creating video advertising that engages and delights viewers. Around YouTube’s marketing team, we’re often asked, “What makes a successful campaign? Is there a recipe for success? How can I make something go viral?”

I am certainly not alone in saying that one of my favorite campaigns in the past year is the Old Spice guy. It debuted earlier this year and has enjoyed well over 55 million views on YouTube and helped make the Old Spice channel the most subscribed sponsored channel on YouTube. It has also been parodied endlessly across the web, on tv, and on the radio. When you consider that the product in question is an everyday hygiene item, the buzz generated by their creative team is that much more impressive.

So what makes a successful campaign? And how can you make something like deodorant or magnetic jewelry appealing to the masses? As the next step for YouTube Show & Tell, our home for the best creative marketing examples on YouTube, we examined the creative process behind four great campaigns on YouTube that have taken off. Take a look for yourself below, and check out Show & Tell to see some very entertaining campaigns.

Caption: Craig Allen and Eric Kallman, creatives at Wieden + Kennedy, the men behind The Old Spice Guy

Caption: Terrence Kelleman, founder and president of Dynomighty, the man behind The Original Magnetic Plaything

Caption: Benjamin Palmer, co-founder and CEO of The Barbarian Group, the agency that helped start YouTube Show & Tell

Caption: Kevin Roddy, former CCO of BBH, the man behind Axe