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YouTube Chief Business Officer Mary Ellen Coe with Creator BENOFTHEWEEK at Coachella 2024

Coachella Connections: 3 creator collabs you can't miss

Coachella is more than just a collection of concerts; it's a cultural event where people from all walks of life come together to celebrate music, art, fashion and shared experiences. It's a place where self-expression is celebrated, diversity is embraced and new friends are made. At any given moment you’ll find diehard music fans mingling with fashion trendsetters, art enthusiasts mingling with YouTube creators… or business executives?!? A few of those YouTube creators caught some of those special moments with our execs — check 'em out below!

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan x urmomashley

Here, YouTube Creator Ashley Alexander and YouTube CEO, Neal Mohan, ate their way through the vegan Coachella food offerings, evaluating the taste and originality of each (of the many) foods they tried.

YouTube CBO Mary Ellen Coe x BENOFTHEWEEK

Here, YouTube Creator BENOFTHEWEEK enthusiastically pitched YouTube’s Chief Business Officer, Mary Ellen Coe, some interesting YouTube product ideas, like the YouTube car, where there are TVs on every window... would Mary Ellen approve?

YouTube VP of Americas Tara Walpert Levy x King Asante

Here, King Asante chats with YouTube’s VP of Americas, Tara Walpert Levy, on all the must-know Coachella topics — from best performances to fashion. He also gets Neal’s honest thoughts about his Coachella outfit.

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Coachella is all about a holistic experience and making one-of-a-kind connections. We are thrilled to play a part in bringing those moments to life and helping attendees, music fans and viewers around the world relive them on Shorts (like the above) and on demand (on Coachella’s YouTube channel) over and over again.

Until next year!

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