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Advice for YOUR Channel in 2021

A compilation of advice for your channel in 2021, from successful creators.

I’ve had a few different roles at YouTube since leaving the life of a creator, but my mission has generally been the same: to teach creators how to build an audience using the platform. 

However, full transparency: There’s good news and bad with that mission. 

Here’s to 2021 and the success of your channel, however you define success.”

The good news is that I’m teaching from the employee POV, where I have a unique vantage point of the entire platform and its huge variety of content. 

The bad news is that I don’t make videos for my personal channel anymore. Thus, I’m not quite as in-tune with the creator experience as those who make and upload videos every week, or more. 

These full-time creators work everyday to script, shoot, host, edit, upload and optimize their videos. They spend the majority of their working life creating content and maintaining their audience’s attention. They have an understanding and a feeling of the platform as if it’s their own skin.

It’s for that reason, when it comes to advice, I always, and respectfully, first defer to those who are in the thick of the creator experience.

So I set out to lead the creation of this compilation of advice from some of YouTube’s most successful video makers. And to be sure, some of the advice is so nuanced, that I never would have thought of it myself. 

Here’s to 2021 and the success of your channel, however you define success.