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Meet the team behind the EMEA YouTube Shorts Creator Community

Meet the team who is building our next generation of stars on YouTube Shorts in Europe, Middle East and North Africa — while pioneering exciting experiences and connections in our Shorts Creator Community.

Behind every creator and YouTube video is a person making it all happen. Our priorities in 2023 are aimed at going even bigger with YouTube Shorts and continue helping creators grow through our YouTube Shorts Creator Community. Through our Shorts Community, we develop programming to educate, uplift and amplify creators while fostering connection among creators. Some sneak peaks of what’s to come in 2023 include weekly sessions for the community to learn about Shorts strategies and connect with one another, trend inspiration sharing, 30-day Shorts sprints, and more. (If you’re interested in applying, you can designate here to join our waitlist!)

So who's behind all this work to help this group of creators grow? Previously, we met the team from North and South America — so now we turn our attention to our six crew members managing creators in Europe, Middle East and North Africa (EMEA) to learn more about them.


Khalook Al-Yassin

Khalook is a Community Partner Manager based in London in the United Kingdom. He focuses on developing and cultivating the talent in the Middle East and North America (MENA) community, and has a strong understanding of the culture as a native Jordanian and having worked in the region before. Khalook has been with YouTube for five years, and has worked across teams to boost and strengthen the impact of many variety of underrepresented creators in the region. He's also taken part in the Nas Summit and 1 Billion Followers Summit as a speaker, highlighting the creators the strength of YouTube Shorts.

Social channels:YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin

Fun fact: "I am a Chelsea fan and I have never met anyone with the name Khalook!"

Favorite trend on Shorts: "I have to be biased and say that I love sketches from the MENA region depicting family life and exaggerating it in a comedic way. I miss home quite often and these skits bring me joy through the relatable content."

Most excited for the Shorts Community this year: "The sky's the limit when it comes to the new energy behind short form content. I am excited to see the new generation of YouTube creators and how they blend with the established creators making our community stronger. I am also excited to see our creators in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE through our events."


Marietta Buchholz

Marietta leads the German-speaking Shorts Creator Community in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as the team's Community Partner Manager. She is originally from Hannover, Germany but has been living and growing her career in London since 2017, working in marketing agencies and for other social platforms before joining YouTube in 2022. A passionate leader, Marietta thrives working on strategies that maximize the impact of her team.

Social channels: YouTube, Linkedin

Fun fact: "I have a twin sister!"

Favorite trend on Shorts: "There are so many niches I’m excited about – from workout content to ASMR organizing content to fashion and interior. My list of different verticals I follow is endless!"

Most excited for the Shorts Community this year: "I’m very excited to increase opportunities for creators who are part of our community, whether that’s in-person events, swag drops or connecting like-minded people with one another, as creators from the same niche will be able to help each other grow so much more!"


Zita d’Hauteville

Zita is the Partner Manager for the French Shorts Creator Community and she is based in Paris. She started working at Google four years ago and joined the YouTube team a year ago to grow the French Creator economy on Shorts. She is passionate about Fashion and uses her expertise to develop the vertical among creators.

Social channels: Instagram, YouTube

Fun fact: "As a creator myself, I have great insight into yet another perspective of the content creation industry!"

Favorite trend on Shorts: "Anything that relates to food or travel, as well as dog training 🐶"

Most excited for the Shorts Community this year: "I'm so excited to be able to welcome more and more creators to the community and see new verticals emerge. Go Shorts!"


Meyzi Adoni

Meyzi is the Community Partner Manager for the Turkish Shorts Creator Community and she is based in London. Her background sits between the intersection of the sports industry, content creation and marketing.

Growing up in Istanbul, she was always interested in watching Turkish content creators and YouTube was always a huge part of her daily routine — so working here is a dream come true for her! She loves working with creators and seeing them grow.

Social channels: YouTube, Instagram

Fun fact: "I’m a huge sports fan. I support Fenerbahce and you can see me watch football, basketball and volleyball matches anytime of the day!"

Favorite trend on Shorts: "I love all kinds of food content! Especially the ASMR cooking videos. I love learning new recipes from Shorts and I want to film my own one day!"

Most excited for the Shorts Community this year: "I am very excited to see our Shorts creators grow and achieve their goals! The best thing about working as a community is that creators can tell their own stories and inspire others. And with in-person events and online sessions I will be focusing on creating more opportunities for them, so they can share their content creation journey!"


Kgomotso Taje

Kgomotso, also known as Motso, looks after the Sub Saharan African Shorts creator community as a Community partner manager. A storyteller at heart with a strong background in radio broadcasting and content production, she is passionate about supporting African creators in finding their voices on the platform while flying the continents flag up high.

Social channels: Instagram, Linkedin

Fun fact: In her spare time loves voicing animation characters.

Favorite trend on Shorts: "I love watching plant based and vegetarian lifestyle and recipe content despite not following either of the diets."

Most excited for the Shorts Community this year: "I am excited to see creators in the community not only grow but thrive in the region as well as opportunities to experiment and have fun."


Camilla Krum

Camilla is the Community Partner Manager for Shorts Creators across the UK, Ireland, Benelux and the Nordics and is based in London. She has worked in tech from the beginning of her career and started her journey at YouTube five years ago, finding the perfect intersect with her passion for the creative economy and has since then worked to help creators and viewers get the post out of YouTube.

Social channels: LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram

Fun fact: "I’m half Italian and half Brazilian and grew up in both countries. Before moving to London I also lived in Istanbul and Amsterdam and while I’m now settled in London my biggest passion continues to be discovering new places and cultures around the world."

Favorite trend on Shorts: "I love laughing with Shorts. Anything from the skits from our incredible comedians, to creators who are able to help us learn new things in fun and innovative ways."

Most excited for the Shorts Community this year: "I’m excited to help grow the next generation of YouTube superstars with Shorts, leading our community, unlocking new opportunities for our creators and help them connect with each other."