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YouTube’s Culture & Trends Report: The future of video

YouTube’s Culture & Trends team examined hundreds of global trends, conducted surveys in nearly 20 countries and consulted experts to try to map what changes will last beyond this pandemic moment.

Months of stark and unprecedented change in how we live our lives, driven by the pandemic, will no doubt leave lasting effects. Among the new behaviors that will likely persist: how and why people make and use video.

YouTube’s Culture & Trends team took a hard look at all these changes, combing through data and trends, conducting a global survey and talking with experts in digital media. The goal was to try to identify which of the new aspects of video culture will still be relevant when things finally “go back to normal.” 

While there are never definitive answers, one theme came through the research loud and clear: video is increasingly indispensable in people’s lives, largely because of its power to facilitate a sense of connection.

We could plunge into all the various nuances of that argument here, but the report, by design, speaks for itself. 

You can view it here.