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Meet the YouTube Inventors who make the seemingly impossible possible

A bubble wrap-popping music player! A real-life working lightsaber! A dancing robot dog! These are just a few of the whimsical inventions creators have taken on over the years.

YouTube’s inventor community is full of problem solvers who are eager to bring outlandish — and, sometimes, impractical — ideas to life. But it isn’t always about the finished product: Much of the joy in watching these creators comes from their ever-evolving process of trial and error. The more absurd their contraptions, the more compelling they can be.

While some inventions make use of common household items, others require more specialized engineering tools. Welding, wiring, and 3D printing are all fair game to make inventors’ visions a reality.

If there’s anyone these creators could relate to, it’s Rube Goldberg, the iconic cartoonist whose drawings envisioned elaborate, chain reaction-style techniques to do the simplest of tasks, from cleaning a hat to opening a can. That’s why today, on the anniversary of the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest, we’re celebrating YouTube’s community of inventors by transforming the YouTube logo (also known as the Yoodle) into its own series of contraptions. We’ve also tapped Simone Giertz to lead YouTube’s first-ever Inventies, the completely unofficial awards show for inventors.

To watch that video and see more inventions come to life, head to this playlist.

Editor’s Note: Always use appropriate caution and ensure that you have the necessary training, experience and equipment when creating your own inventions.