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Trailblazers: YouTube’s hiking community encourages exploration

Backpackers, hikers, climbers, and more find entertaining ways to share their love for the outdoors.

On YouTube there were more than 6.9 billion views of videos related to hiking in 2023.

There’s something special about a great hike. The beauty, serenity, and challenge of an outdoor adventure make for an experience that is hard to describe with words alone. Thanks to the avid hiking community on YouTube, we get to enjoy these excursions even if we can’t be there in person. On YouTube there were more than 6.9 billion views of videos related to hiking in 2023.1

Today, YouTube is commemorating the founding of Yellowstone National Park by highlighting content from our hiking and outdoors community. Yellowstone is widely considered the first National Park in the US, and the world, and things have changed dramatically since the park’s establishment 152 years ago. The appreciation for natural beauty remains, though, and we’re bringing you outdoor content with a special playlist and a custom logo (which we call a Yoodle) for today only.

A comfortable pair of shoes and some water is a good place to start your hiking journey, but as one becomes more advanced there’s a whole world of gear, experiences, and decisions to navigate. The YouTube community makes it much easier to get into backpacking, climbing, camping, thru-hiking, or whatever seems interesting! Creators like thruhikers give tips on long-distance hiking, Dan Becker reviews gear, and Nicholas Eager shares cinematic, long form videos of his adventures.

Creators who post hiking content visually take viewers along for the adventure and add commentary that makes it easy to feel as if you, too, are traversing the terrain. Viewers can visit the Swiss Alps, climb Half Dome, and hike New Zealand’s Te Araroa trail all in one afternoon!

Whether you’re planning your next outdoor adventure or just dipping your toe in the wide world of hiking, this day is for you. Head over to our playlist to get inspired, then get out there and make the most of it.

Note: Outdoor activities of this nature can carry various degrees of risk. Never attempt an activity unless environmental conditions are suitable, and you have the proper skills, training, experience, and equipment. Know your limits, and follow all applicable safety guidelines and protocols.

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