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All the stars are on (astronomy) YouTube

As World Space Week lifts off, we’re over the moon to celebrate YouTube’s astronomy community.

There have been over 1 billion views of videos related to astronomy in the US in 2023

Every day, people come to YouTube to learn more about the world around them — and in some cases, the world beyond them. We’re talking about the stars, planets, galaxies and black holes that make up our universe. And because there have been over 1 billion views of videos related to astronomy in the US in 2023¹, we’re highlighting this community with a temporary YouTube logo, known as a Yoodle, that is out of this world.

Astronomy is a complex and extensive subject, but YouTube’s astronomy creators help put this vast universe into perspective. They help us understand the latest space-focused news and technologies and offer tips about how we can explore space from home.

Astronomy creators range from expert astrophysicists to amateur astrophotography hobbyists to everyone in between. Maybe you’re looking for an explanation of how Earth moves through the galaxy or want to know more about the largest black hole in the universe. Or maybe you’re interested in breaking into astrophotography and need some guidance about your setup. Or perhaps you’re one of the many folks who tuned in to watch India become the fourth country to successfully land a spacecraft on the moon by watching the livestream that set a new YouTube record for largest live stream (by peak concurrent views) of all time on the platform². Needless to say, YouTube’s astronomy creators have something in your orbit.

We all need a little space sometimes, so head here to start exploring what the astronomy community has to offer.

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2. Source: YouTube Data, Global.