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Vote on the Top Super Bowl Ads

By Andrew Bangs

YouTube Sports

Anticipation is running high for today's Super Bowl clash between the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are seeking their record sixth NFL Championship, and the upstart Arizona Cardinals, who are looking to continue their unlikely -- some would say destined -- run to the top.

Every year, advertisers pay millions of dollars for time during commercial breaks. Historically, these ads have pulled out all the stops -- think celebrity cameos and extravagant production values that could awe even the Jerry Bruckheimers and Michael Bays of the world.

Are these advertisers getting the most bang for their buck? Who's ad will everyone be chatting about on Monday? Ultimately it will be you who decides: immediately after the Super Bowl ends this Sunday, log on to our Ad Blitz channel to view all of the big ticket ads, and vote for for the most creative, most memorable spots.

Voting is open until Wednesday, February 4th, and the winning commercial will be posted on the homepage on Thursday, February 5th. All the ads will live on the Ad Blitz channel afterwards.

Andrew B.

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