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Trendspotting Tuesday: Robots are Like Kittens for Nerds

By The YouTube Team

Domo arigato, YouTubers, especially those who love all things robotic. We hope you'll enjoy this week's Trendspotting Tuesday, for which we can truthfully say, "The robots are taking over!"

Robots are running rampage through pop culture these days, from disco 'droids Daft Punk to Pixar's much-anticipated new movie, WALL-E. Of course, not all robots are CGI film stars or French funksters. Real-life robots are rolling out of university tech-labs and inventors' garages, wowing people at events like the Bay Area's Maker Faire, where robots and their creators are the rock stars of the do-it-yourself community.

Whatever your favorite aspect of robo-culture, you should be able to find footage of it on YouTube. This homepage takeover is only a taste of the mechanical menagerie that's just a search and a click away. From a giant robot spider that doubles as a vehicle to a Guitar Hero-playing Slashbot, robots are taking new shapes and taking up new hobbies. Check out this playlist for examples of ways in which 'bots are all around:

Presuming that robots haven't taken over the planet by this time next week, you can tune in for another slice of video culture next Tuesday. And if there's a trend you'd like us to highlight, leave a comment or drop us a note on the Trendspotting Tuesday channel, where you can find playlists from our previous trendspotting features.

The YouTube Team