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Trendspotting Tuesday: Random Acts of Kindness

By The YouTube Team

Who doesn't love that feeling you get from helping someone out or saying something truly heartfelt? Our latest takeover is all about such acts of kindness, particularly the kind that YouTube facilitates. It feels like a pretty special time in history when you can do something nice, so easily, for someone you've never met and have it broadcast – and maybe even repeated – throughout the world.

Take, for example, Juan Mann's "Free Hugs" campaign, which is now a worldwide phenomenon. It started in Sydney, with Juan embracing strangers in a shopping mall and setting it to an emotive soundtrack by the Sick Puppies. Soon after, local versions sprung up in Seoul, New York, Barcelona, Bangkok, and even Ecuador.

There are many other ways people are using YouTube to carry out their kind acts. Once you delve in, you'll be amazed the types of videos you will discover, from reaching out for bone marrow donors to catching the reaction of someone innocently given a rose at random to simply complimenting each other in a collaboration video. The videos selected today show only a few of the ways people show passion for their selected causes: we hope the features inspire you to commit an act of kindness yourself.

The YouTube Team