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Trendspotting Tuesday: Outside-the-Box Activism

By The YouTube Team

What do you get when you mix a ditty about testicular cancer with a group of citizens foraging for fruit on the streets of Los Angeles? A pretty sweet trend on YouTube. You're probably well acquainted with the average activist -- the demonstrator, the lobbyist, the boycotter, the PSA-junkie...In this week's Trendspotting Tuesday, we're pleased to introduce you to a whole different kind of activist animal -- the unconventional activist -- whose creativity knows no limits when it comes to raising awareness about their pet issue.

You may have already encountered a few unconventional activists on YouTube, like the Swiss contingent who froze their butts off (literally) while taking an environmental stand or this fella whose penchant for recycling outweighs his need for mobility:

In today's feature, you'll witness a colorful display of outrage as an Italian man sends thousands of plastic balls down the Spanish Steps to protest lack of garbage collection and discover a man who chose to live like a chicken to show how cruel humans can be. And you might just learn how to do the "Gas Can Shuffle," the latest dance craze that's sweeping the nation in an attempt to make gas more affordable:

If this brief paddle in the civic participation pool isn't enough for you, keep checking the Nonprofits & Activism category for more examples of inspiring social change, of both the wacky and traditional variety.


The YouTube Team