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Trendspotting Tuesday: Music Tutorials

By The YouTube Team

No matter your skill level or style, if you've ever wanted to pick up or master any kind of instrument, let YouTube be your guide. The YouTube community is packed with guitar-technique perfectionists, multi-genre piano teachers, and singers who can teach you all kinds of vocal stylings, from operatic arias to reverberating yodels.

This week's Trendspotting Tuesday is dedicated to those skillful instructors who allow you to learn a new instrument virtually. There's popular guitarist JustinSandercoe, blues harmonica master Kudzurunner, and turntablist DJ Ellaskins for budding scratchers. For something more exotic, master drummer Laim Jassey instructs on how to tap on the African djembe, Bonnie lends her tips on how to "tag" yodel, and DJ Venolla outlines an "instant" human beatbox course from Malaysia. Check out the whole playlist here or on our home page:

Happy music making,
The YouTube Team