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Trendspotting Tuesday: It's Easy Being Green

By The YouTube Team

It's Earth Day today, and as part of our ongoing Trendspotting Tuesday series, we're marking the occasion with a round-up of videos that reflect grassroots environmental action in the YouTube community. 

Whether it's by showing you how to update your home in a more sustainable way, talking about "must-have" green items, or sharing tips on how you can be more ecologically responsible, the YouTube community is bursting with advice on how to alter your lifestyle to help the environment. Take the Earth-loving boys of GivingItAGo, for example. They have been working towards being self-sufficient for almost a year now, with their backyard doing triple duty as a vegetable garden, compost heap, and chicken coop. (They've even named their sunflowers after YouTube users. How sweet is that?)

Or watch aaron333's "veggie car," in which an Atlanta couple tells the story of how and why their car runs on vegetable oil. You might also want to check out Bulletprooffilm, who interviews the ffounders of Noon (a company that makes bags with solar panels which generate on-the-go power for iPods and cell phones), and green architect Michelle Kaufmann, who demonstrates a creative alternative for disposable chopsticks.

And that's just the tip of the ever-shrinking iceberg. If you're looking for ways to show our planet some love on this Earth Day and beyond, this playlist on our homepage will give you a great place to start:

Seeing green,

The YouTube Team