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Trendspotting Tuesday: How to YouTube

By The YouTube Team

Do a quick search for "how to YouTube," and you'll find thousands of videos offering advice, tricks and tips on the art of online video. This week, Trendspotting Tuesday is dedicated to those 'Tubers who want to give back to their fellow users by offering free, genuine advice on how to make the most out of your YouTube experience.

These seasoned experts have learned that making a quality video is easier then it seems, and they're sharing their hard-earned knowledge so that your videos can also be well lit, tightly edited, and even graphically innovative. One of the UK's Most Subscribed channels, Blade376, gives great advice on how simple vlogging can be, while experts like digitaljuicetv dig deep into more technical questions, such as how to make video with a green screen. Meanwhile, users like natashahenare realize that not everyone on YouTube makes videos, so instead she offers great advice on how to personalize your channel page. Here's the full playlist:

So, as you can see, help is usually just a quick search away and there's no shortage of helpful YouTubers eager to offer a hand. We'd expect nothing less from this community!

The YouTube Team