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Trendspotting Tuesday: Collaboration Videos

By The YouTube Team

In week two of our new ongoing series, “Trendspotting Tuesday," we’re focusing on collaboration videos. Collaborations on YouTube can take many forms, but broadly they are videos in which anywhere from two to a zillion YouTubers band together to create something that probably wouldn’t have been possible pre-Internet or pre-YouTube; things like community-driven narratives, artistic compositions created by people living on different continents, mass self-expression, even innovative ways of playing an “old world” game like tag.

Each one of these forms probably could have a takeover devoted to it, but for now we’re highlighting an assortment of collaboration videos to give you a general sense of the creative possibilities out there. They’re a true testament to the connections made on YouTube every second of every day:

Got an idea for a future trend feature or want to tell us about even better collaboration videos? Drop a comment below or head over to our trendspottingtuesday channel and leave us a note.

The YouTube Team