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The YouTube logo animated as a trampoline with several people taking turns bouncing on it

Put a little bounce in your step and check out trampolining on YouTube

With the World Trampoline Championships competition underway, we thought we’d jump in to celebrate trampolining on YouTube.

Take a second to picture this: You’re a kid, school’s out, it’s a perfect summer day, and your neighbor has a trampoline. You spend the afternoon seeing who can jump the highest — it’s exciting, and maybe a little scary, to be able to see over the tops of trees and parts of your neighborhood that can’t be seen from the ground. That joy (and now, nostalgia) of jumping on a trampoline is the inspiration for today’s temporary YouTube logo, known as a Yoodle.

The trampolining community on YouTube has added new depths to what the activity includes, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. So far this year, videos related to trampolines have been viewed over 7 billion times¹. Creators have found ways to take their content to new heights, sometimes with the help of their friends. And, when flipping at incredible heights doesn’t provide enough of a thrill, they’ve challenged themselves in new ways, like building a trampoline rainbow, doing a back handspring on a tiny trampoline, and adding some Legos into the mix.

Along with the wide popularity it has gained recreationally, trampoline is also an Olympic sport, which first debuted in Sydney in 2000. While these Olympic athletes might not be judged on who can dunk a basketball while trampolining, they share the same passion for finding new ways to test the limits of what skills they can master.

Ready for more trampolining on YouTube? Bounce on over to our playlist to get started.

Note: Trampolining can carry inherent risks of significant bodily injury. Never attempt an activity unless you have the proper skills, training, experience, and equipment. Always follow all applicable safety guidelines and instructions.

1. Source: YouTube data, Global, 1 Jan - 30 Oct 2023.