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Culture and Trends

This week's Trends: space, holidays, and pranks

By Kevin Allocca

YouTube Trend-Manager

Each weekday, we at YouTube Trends take a look at the most interesting videos and cultural phenomena on YouTube as they develop. We want take a moment to highlight some of what we've come across this week:

  • We studied a trend of popular composite videos created from photos taken in space.

  • We collected some of the popular Rosh Hashanah music video parodies being watched during the Jewish New Year.

  • We looked at how U.S. "X Factor" contestant Chris Rene jumped to popularity.

  • CBS News' The Feed examined the rising phenomenon of globally-popular Russian cat videos.

  • We tracked footage being posted from the "Occupy Wall Street" protests in NYC.

  • And this Carlsberg prank from Belgium became a global hit:

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