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This week's Trends: breaking news, music videos, and corn

By Kevin Allocca

Head of Culture & Trends

Each weekday, we at YouTube Trends take a look at the most interesting videos and cultural phenomena on YouTube as they develop. We want take a moment to highlight some of what we've come across this week:
  • We discovered a viral video trending amongst the 55+ crowd.

  • We saw a stadium stunt that spread from Iowa in popularity.

  • We looked at some of the trends around the big Col. Gadhafi news out of Libya.

  • We studied how two major music videos were gaining popularity around the planet.

  • We checked out a viral political spot from North Africa.

  • We tracked last weekend's "Occupy" protest footage from different parts of the U.S. and the world.

  • And we experienced what it would be like to kayak with blue whales:

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