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Summer is just around the corner and we are celebrating with the #SummerLoading trend on Shorts!

If you’re not yet prepared for summer, these Summer Loading Shorts might help!

The sun is coming out, flowers are blooming and people are getting outside! 🌸 As late spring approaches, anticipation for summer is on the rise and creators are sharing it all on Shorts with a new trend called #SummerLoading! ☀️

Want to participate? Just find the song “If I Ever Feel Better” by Phoenix in the Shorts library and show a clip of yourself in a boring scenario such as laying in bed or sitting at your desk. Insert the supers “POV: Summer Loading” on screen at the 1:47 timestamp, and when the lyrics cut to “If I ever feel better.” create a montage of video clips from summer activities that you’re looking forward to! Add the hashtag #SummerLoading and upload your video to YouTube Shorts!

Creators across YouTube have already jumped on the trend and are making their own versions; check out Sierra Ann’s version on the left! Here are some of our favorites and why we love them.

MatchaMaddie: Summer nights and city lights ✨

Summer means chilling outside as much as humanly possible and MatchaMaddie can’t wait!

Why We Love It: The vibes are unmatched during summer or at the beach and MatchaMaddie captured that energy beautifully.

DunkinDucks: Getting our ducks in a row for summer! 🐥

Even pets are getting into the summer spirit on Shorts!

Why We Love It: Who doesn’t love ducks going on adventures?! DunkinDucks are truly adorable (especially that lemonade stand 🥹) and are getting us hype for our own summer adventures!

TheArtGe: Art but make it SUMMER! 🎨

There is no better time than summer to get back into a creative hobby, and TheArtGe is showcasing her awesome talent this summer season!

Why We Love It: TheArtGE created a beautiful transition from spring to summer painting bees, flowers and the beach using her oil pastel skills!

stacescontent: Summer exploring loading… ✈️

Traveling and exploring during the summer is the best.

Why We Love It: stacescontent got us so excited to visit new places this summer with her gorgeous scenery shots!

MerchantMaverick: Small-business owner summers be like…📞

The reality of being a small business owner is that you don’t get to relax very often!

Why We Love It: MerchantMaverick lets us in on what summer looks like for a small business owner with her take on this trend.

ChrisFrezz: Dad’s summer secrets revealed! 😎

If you’re a dad, chances are your summer looks a little different than most. Whether you’re prepping the lawn or setting up the bbq though, summer is a VIBE.

Why We Love It: We just KNOW dads can relate to prepping the fam and the home for summer backyard events. ChrisFrezz kept it so real and participated in a way that was so perfect for his niche!

What Next?

It’s time for you to hop on the trend! Give us your take on Shorts and and share your POV on what’s getting you excited for summer — and don’t forget to tag #SummerLoading when you post!