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Staff Picks of the Week

By YouTube Programming Team

The week ain't over until the staff picks sing.

My obsession with periurban continues with this sweet video of a trip he took to the Royal Scottish Museum with his daughter, Lily. You can tell this is precious time between father and daughter, and it’s touching how much they seem to enjoy each other’s company. I remember trips to the museum with my dad, only my sister and I weren’t as accommodating as Lily. We moaned and groaned that it was “bor-ing,” but our dad did everything he could to keep us engaged, even offering bribes, like five cents for every mustache we could find in a painting. I now know that that time together was worth more than a million mustaches. Lily’s lucky she has a record of these days.

So I'm a Mac girl all the way. My first computer had an apple on it, and so will my last. Nothing beats playing Oregon Trail on the Apple IIe. It's who I was. It's who I am. It's who I'll always be. Is it logical? Not necessarily, but I'm OK with that. So sometimes it's hard for me to admit when Microsoft does something right. For the launch of Vista, Microsoft made a little ad campaign concoction of magic. Take two cups of the wry comedy of Demetri Martin, add 2 1/2 tablespoons of music from Film School, and mix it all together in the De Young Museum in San Francisco, and there you have it: something that makes you smile. This Clearification series has some of the driest humor I've ever chuckled to, and the short animated clips of Demetri are priceless. I'm still an Apple girl, but now I just have a tad more respect for Microsoft. P.S. Steve Jobs, if you're reading this please don't hate me.

What the Buck? This is the type of commentary that makes your cringe and say ouch, especially if you're the subject. By the way, Tyra, it's been nothing but love since the days of Higher Learning so please don't take it personally that I've made this my pick of the week! We all love satire and this gent satisfies that desire with a polished look and demeanor that says he's headed Hollywood.


A good mashup on YouTube is like postmodern art for the video generation. This one has gained some real traction: it takes a quote by Senator Ted Stevens, who, when asked a question about the internet last year, referred to it as a "series of tubes." The 84-year-old senior senator from Alaska probably deserves a break -- the Internet is, after all, dependent on miles of fiber optic cable -- but his response was clumsy enough to draw attention in the press and on YouTube. This mashup by 13tongimp and DJ Paul Holcomb from The Bold Headed Broadcast is part fantasia and part music video... and very funny. Though Stevens hasn't posted any video responses, I feel like it’s something he could have a good laugh at...

Have a good one,
YouTube Programming Team