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Staff Picks of the Week

By YouTube Programming Team

Startin' the week off right...

Much of YouTube's glory lies in our collective ability to comment and respond to one another's videos. As we all know, YouTube is much more than just a video-sharing site. We're a creative community. One of my favorite video responses on the site, which I think is a shining example of our creative dialogue, is pappirus' “This ‘n’ That Animation,” a response to nicepaul's over four million view count video, "This 'n' That – You Can Learn it at" When magicians and animators are collaborating, you know you’re a part of something special!

I love good shoes, but not the ones you keep in the closet or hurt your feet. These Good Shoes are from London and play upbeat British-accented power pop (in the spirit of the Buzzcocks and the Futureheads). Their new CD is called Think Before You Speak and already includes so many great videos that it's hard to pick between the one featuring the giant spinning record player flinging off band members, the comfortable-looking cardigans, or the captured-on-Polaroid-guitar-jumping. All those things are nice, but who can resist the one with the multicolored flock of animated birds set to an apologetic love song?


About a month ago in Amsterdam, a 400-pound gorilla named Bokito escaped from a zoo. In order to get out of his enclosure, Bokito had to climb a very high wall and then get across a moat. (Keep in mind that gorillas can't swim!) Well, after getting out, he ended up injuring four people, including a woman he captured caveman-style. We have a video of Bokito prior to this King Kong-ish event taking place - his innocent days.