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Staff Pick of the Week: Nerdkiller

By Mia

The YouTube Team

I've had my eye on Nerdkiller for a while now and not just because the mildly agitated honking outside his window reminds me of my Manhattan home land. Nerdkiller is an often-shirtless, somewhat spastic twenty-something who seems tragically stuck between teenagerdom and adulthood. He'll whine until you just. can't. take. it. anymore. (the "I Don't Have a Job" song) and then celebrate living on his own with a one-man watermelon party where he thinks it's a good thing that he doesn't have to shower if he doesn't want to. The longwinded but occasionally brilliant "Being Grownup Can Suck" petulantly details all the things that adults do – like drink coffee made in a French press and read the New Yorker (you know, all those words). His pet Chihuahua Miguel is a stabilizing force on the sidelines, but we shall see if the pooch's zen-like aura will be shattered by the latest visitor to Nerdkiller's air-conditioned lair. Enter Miss Allosaur:

Sexier than a T.Rex,