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Staff Pick of the Week

By The YouTube Programming Team

Here's what we're diggin' this week:

Big Joe:
I love me some magic! XCmanipulator is an up-and-coming magician. Though you really don't learn much about him from his videos, you can tell he's a young man who has his sights set on perfecting trick after trick. I've been one of his subscribers for a while now, and when I saw him perform Jay Sankey's "Outsiders" I knew what my pick of the week would be. Check out this video and be amazed!

I swore I would never go to Burning Man. And then, in a you-only-live-once spasm, I changed my mind. That I would be six months pregnant during my first jaunt to the desert only added to my feeling that this would be a very life-affirming experience. And it was. I don’t think you’ll ever find a place as free-spirited and judgment-free as Black Rock City, where anything goes and smiles are in no short supply. This video reminds me of those joyous, multicolored late summer days.

There is a war going on. A war I didn't even know about. A war on...Vegemite. Yes...Vegemite. Some of you might ask, "What is Vegemite?" To that I would answer, "I have no idea but that doesn't mean I don't care." I do care. I care about condiments. I care about yeast on bread (just ask my roommate how much nutritional yeast I can consume on toast or popcorn). I care about holding on to something sacred. And apparently I'm not the only one. Hugh from HughsNews is leading the troops fighting the war on Vegemite. Nowhere have I seen such love, determination, and bravery as I have seen from this man. At ease, soldier, you've done Vegemite proud.

See ya,

The YouTube Programming Team