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YouTube Chief Business Officer, Mary Ellen Coe, and famed football creator, Deestroying

Rene’s Top Five on YouTube: September 14, 2023 Edition

These are the top five things I saw this week.

Hello creators! I’m Rene Ritchie, your YouTube Liaison, and when I’m not helping our product and policy teams better understand creators and creators achieve better success on YouTube, I’m scouring X/Twitter, Insta-Threads, and the rest of the internet to bring you the biggest and most impactful stories for the week!

🏈 I keep saying how much I love it when YouTube executives collab with YouTube creators — that it makes tangible this historic partnership where we all succeed together — and this team up between YouTube Chief Business Officer, Mary Ellen Coe, and famed football creator, Deestroying, once again proves my point. It not only highlights NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube (where creators are involved in the action) but it’s just so much fun. Go watch!

🎞️ New analytics are my favorite! One of the latest is Clips. It shows all the Clips viewers have made from our videos and how many views each of those Clips have gotten. It’s a great way to see what’s popular with our audiences, what might be worth turning into a Short, and what kind of moments are proving to be the most shareable across social. Check out more at Creator Insider!

🩳 What counts as a Shorts view? I get asked that question so often that when I sat down with YouTube’s head of Shorts, Todd Sherman, it was one of the very first things I wanted to find out! Here’s the answer: it’s not a specific amount of time. Well, it is, but that number can and does change as YouTube rolls out new features, the format matures, and the system gets refined and iterated. Also, there’s no value in obsessing over a number or trying to game the system. Just focus on making the most satisfying Shorts possible and everyone wins!

🎓 YouTube Player for Education basically shows videos without ads, links, or recommendations, and keeps viewers anonymous to YouTube while still providing an additional, non-ad revenue stream for educational creators. In other words, it lets students learn about everything from the stars to the seas in a way that also supports our ability to make more educational videos! And the YouTube Blog’s highlighting three ways that’s just awesome for everyone.

📈 Tip of the week: If you’re curious about how many long-form videos you can make in a week, start an experiment. Post one video a week for a few weeks, then two for a few weeks, then three for a few weeks, or four, or whatever numbers you want to test. Then, go to Advanced Analytics and compare Videos Published Per Week with Average Views Per Viewer. If AVPV goes up as the number of videos go up, the audience is hungry for more! If it goes down at a certain point, the audience is saturated and starting to pick between your videos, so can ease back and not waste any effort.