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YouTube OpenSauce Party

Rene’s Top Five on YouTube: July 27, 2023 Edition

These are the top five things I saw this week.

Hi, I’m Rene Ritchie, your friendly neighborhood YouTube Creator Liaison! I spend my days trying to help YouTube better understand creators, and creators better understand YouTube. Also, scouring Twitter… er… X, YouTube, and social, to bring you some of the more interesting and impactful happenings on-platform and in the creator space.

Let’s dive into this week’s highlights!

🤖 I just got back from OpenSauce, the science and maker creator event co-hosted by the Safety Third Podcast team of William Osman, NileRed, The Backyard Scientist, Allen Pan, and friends. Almost 4000 creators, makers, and enthusiasts ‘teleported’ in to see the robots, exoskeletons, cars, rockets, and assorted nerdery! YouTube showed up as well with a session on Mastering the Algorithm featuring Todd Beaupré, NileRed, Wren, and yours truly — as well as a YouTube afterparty! Check out Swell Entertainment and ElectroBOOM for more of the action!

🏈 If you’re a sports creator — or just a creator who loves football! — NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube is coming your way this fall! So, whether you’re creating content or just enjoying the game with friends and snacks, YouTube Viewers has a tailgate party’s worth of info for you about the kickoff!

🔑 Channel managers and editors can now help with making Shorts, creating Community Posts, managing Playlists, and posting comments as the channel — all straight from the main YouTube app! Yes, finally! Head on over to TeamYouTube for details!

🔒 But wait, there’s more! Creator Permissions are about to get better in YouTube Studio. Starting soon, we’ll be able to edit our channel banners and switch accounts right from the header. Also, find exactly the setting we need much faster thanks to clearly labeled categories! Check out the preview on Creator Insider!

🙋 Our #CreatorAdvice series continues with hot tips — and hotter takes! — from Karl Jacobs, Real Life Lore, Tibees, Jabrils, and Mane Yousef! They cover standing out, going faceless, making math fun, and embracing Shorts! Check out the whole series and hit subscribe so you don’t miss what’s next!

That’s all for now, so get with the contenting!