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Rene with YouTube Creators, Colin and Samir

Rene’s Top Five on YouTube: September 21, 2023 Edition

These are the top five things I saw this week.

Creators!! I’m Rene Ritchie, your YouTube Liaison, and when I’m not helping our product and policy teams better understand creators and creators achieve better success on YouTube, I’m scouring X/Twitter, Insta-Threads, and the rest of the internet to bring you the biggest and most impactful stories for the week!

▶️ Live from New York City, it’s Made on YouTube! That’s the annual event where we share our vision for the near-future of the platform with creators and the world. “YouTube has always been a place where creators of all different backgrounds and levels of experience have pushed the bounds of creative expression” — is the what, but here’s the hot new how!!

📲 YouTube Create is an all-new, all-free mobile editing app for Shorts and long-form videos. With features like automatic captioning and beat matching, it’s designed to help us creators get ideas out of our heads and onto YouTube in as simple and streamlined a way as possible. It’s going into beta on Android in 8 markets, with iOS and more markets to follow. Where was this when I was trying to cover big events on the go?

💭 Dream Screen is an experimental AI feature that’ll let creators green-screen generated images or short video backgrounds into our Shorts. Which, by the way, now have over 70 billion views a day from over 2 billion signed-in users a month. And this is just the beginning — think reimagining and remixing videos at the power of a prompt! That’s what YouTube is exploring for the future, creatively and responsibly.

🤖 AI is also going to be integrated into YouTube Studio, with Music Assistant to help you find the perfect track — so scrolling fatigue doesn’t keep us all using the same ones! — and Aloud to help you generate multi-language dub tracks.

📝 And my personal favorite — a new Insight tab that takes Research to the next level, breaking creator's block with AI-powered suggestions for video topics and even outlines to help us get started! It’s not meant to give you a finished script, just eliminate the tyranny of the blank page. I’ll be using it a lot…a lot a lot.

Check out the Official YouTube Blog for more, and then get with the contenting!