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Under pressure: Taking a closer look at pressure washing on YouTube

Something was dirty, now it’s clean. Seems simple enough — but YouTube creators have put a new shine on the mundane, everyday activity of cleaning with the oddly satisfying act of pressure washing that goes deeper than you’d think.

Pressure washing involves using high-pressure water spray to clean various surfaces. On YouTube, some creators are also professionals who share technical information about their tools and approach to the job. Others are homeowners who share surprises from their pressure washing adventures, or have heartwarming reasons for their cleaning. And some just want to showcase how soothing it can be to watch, and listen, to something being methodically cleaned.

Today, we’re celebrating this community with a special YouTube logo (known as a Yoodle) and an original Short, featuring some surprising reveals. It’s also International ASMR Day, which is perfect considering the special brain tingles brought on by watching some pressure washing videos.

Ready to see some transformations? Head over to our playlist to get squeaky clean.