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Clay collective: the pottery community thrives on YouTube

With video tutorials, ASMR, behind-the-scenes and more, there’s something for newbies, veteran throwers, and everyone in between.

Do you ever find yourself strangely mesmerized by a spinning lump of clay, or get a sense of satisfaction from watching a perfectly crafted bowl take shape? If so, you're not alone! YouTube has become a vibrant hub for the pottery community, drawing in everyone from curious beginners to seasoned ceramicists.

As the world’s largest ceramics conference kicks off this week, we’re celebrating the pottery community here on YouTube. We’ve created a unique version of our logo (known as a Yoodle), and put together a playlist to shine a spotlight on creators doing some amazing pottery work. We also partnered with Saramics Pottery on an original Short highlighting the versatility of the art form.

YouTube has a wide variety of ceramics content, allowing viewers to sculpt their own personal pottery experience. Creators like SweetArtCrafts leans into ASMR while creating slab mugs. For people looking to learn more about making specific objects, creators like benjamin.cahoon have simple walkthroughs. And for something a bit more lighthearted, bwpottery and other sculptors provide bloopers and “pottery fails” to show that everyone struggles sometimes.

So whether you’re an experienced potter looking for inspiration on your next project, or you’re just looking for some oddly satisfying ASMR content, the creator community has you covered. Remember to check out our playlist to see what gets you fired up the most, and maybe we’ll see you on the wheel someday soon!