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Our top ten back-to-school tips

By Kate Mason

YouTube Communications

Get sorted with everything from school supplies to study habits with YouTube’s edu, beauty and fashion gurus. Here are 10 ways to get ready for the year ahead, with the advice of some pros.

1. Where to start with school supplies?
It can be a bit overwhelming to work out what you need and where to get it from. Don’t worry--these gurus have you covered. Have a look at StilaBabe09, Make up by Mandy, Mama Mia Makeup and beauty is good for hacks, ideas and awesome supplies.

2. Study like a boss
Now’s the perfect time to get ahead on your study routine. It won’t be long before you’re back on the old ABCs (or much worse!). YouTube gurus have great ideas for studying and memorization - take a look at Macbby11’s thoughts on the subject.

3. All locked up: Organization 101
With everything happening at the start of the school year, it’s easy to forget how to get organized. Thankfully StilaBabe09 and MacBarbie07 have you covered with awesome ways to get your locker into shape. What’s more motivating than a cute locker to see in between classes?

4. Get a private tutor for free
From calculating Pi with real pies to a crash course in world history, there are more than 1,000 education channels in YouTube's Education category, comprising over 850,000 individual videos. Check out lessons, tips and tricks to make Spanish your amigo and to doodle your way to straight As.

5. What’s in your backpack?
So you’ve got your outfit, and your school supplies, but what about your backpack? That’s Heart has some good tips for things to remember to pack, Ava Allan has some great advice on choosing a backpack, and AllyCutie95 decorates hers beautifully. You’re indecisive no longer! Game on, September.

6. What to wear? Wardrobe--check!
It can be tough to work out what to wear each day. Take any stress out of coming up with ideas by sneaking a peek at the experts. My Life as Eva, Make up by Mandy and Clothes Encounters have got some great mix and match ideas for you.

7. Wall organizer and desk accessories
It’s a known fact: a neat, pretty workspace will make you want to hit the books even harder. So don’t delay: check out Anne or Shine and Paper Pastels for some awesome tips for shaping up your space for the school year.

8. Getting techie with it
One of the things you might need to think about at school is buying a new laptop, and it can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, SourceFedNERD has gone and done the research and they can tell you what to look for and what you might need. Phew!

9. Hairstyles, served up on a plait
Wanting a bit of inspiration after the summer holiday? These hair gurus have you all plaited, braided and stitched up. The imaginative gurus Lilith Moon, Andrea’s Choice and Cute Girls Hairstyles have ideas aplenty, with summer ‘dos looking oh-so-easy.

10. College advice
Advice on colleges can be super tricky. Sometimes it helps to hear about other people’s experiences--you can turn to gurus like Leigh Ann Says and Sarah Belle and see what they recommend and advise in your college years. If you’re kicking off your college experience, here’s our guide to making it a smooth transition to campus life.

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