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Mixing it up with the cafe vlogs community on YouTube

Capturing the delicate art brewing behind cafe counters

The sounds of hot espresso shots being poured over ice. The satisfyingly perfect swirl of whipped cream on top of a vividly colored drink. The calming sensation of watching someone meticulously decorate sweet treats. This is just a glimpse into the content the cafe vlogs community is serving on YouTube.

Cafe vlogs originated in South Korea as a subgenre of silent vlogs, which is a format that depicts daily routines without speaking. Though this content has expanded to sometimes include voiceovers, these creators still focus on the sights and sounds of their day to bring us behind the counter to experience the day with them.

Today, we’re taking a moment to celebrate this creative community with a special YouTube logo (known as a Yoodle). It’s also the first day of the World Tea Expo, which is something many of these creators have some experience pouring.

Through smartly edited, aesthetically pleasing videos, creators share the artistry of their work, which includes everything from layered boba drinks to beautifully decorated mini cakes to surprise concoctions from a “secret menu.” Beyond mixing drinks and preparing sweet treats, it’s also calming to join them for their daily routine, from preparing to open for the day to setting up a roadside mini cafe.

Want to join in on cafe culture? Head over to our playlist to make yourself a drink.